Thursday, 26 May 2016

Method 1: Capsulating raw plant material

Sourcing Material
Once you have started down the path of DMT and you believe you are ready, it is surprising how easy and seamless the whole process can be, from sourcing material to a DMT journey. The first thing you need to do is source the material, which is as easy as searching on eBay, making a purchase and waiting a few days or a week for it to arrive.

The recommended plant material to purchase is the inner root bark of Mimosa Hostilis - (you can also use Acacia Confusa)

Basically you will not know if you end up with the inner root bark, outer root bark or bark from the stem, but the inner bark root contains the highest concentration of DMT.

Based on DMT Nexus research, DMT concentrations for Mimosa Hostilis include:
~ Inner root bark 1%
~ outer root bark 0.3%
~ stem bark 0.03%

This can cause problems with dosage, because you will not know how much you need to ingest in order to achieve a successful DMT journey until after the first time you use the plant. You can then adjust the dosage accordingly

When searching for Minosa you will often come across Mimosa dyes and incense, it is because the plant material is used to dye materials and can also be burnt as an incense. You only need to purchase about 100grams to begin with as this will give you plenty of material.

Processing Mimosa Hostilis Bark Root (MHRB)
The important part of taking DMT, no matter the method, is to get as much DMT into the blood stream as possible in one go. This method covers preparing MHRB for capsulating, which you will ingest for the DMT journey.

The method outlined below is the simplest and involves powdering the inner bark root and then filling capsules:

1. Blending
If you are not able to purchase the powdered inner root bark, the first thing you will need to do it blend the plant material. Mimosa Hostilis is very fibrous and splintery so you will want to get rid of the fiber. If you have a thermomix (setting 10 for 10 - 20 seconds - a few times over), they work great in being able to separate the fibrous material.

For Mimosa Hostilis, you should use about a handful of the root bark, or you can weigh out about 30grams. After blending, remove any fibrous material (make sure you store it for later) and keep the remaining plant material for grinding.

2. Grinding
To aid the digestion process, you need to powder the material, so ideally use a mortar & pestle to grind the plant material. It will take some time, but is well worth the effort because it not only produces a better yield of DMT from the digestion process, but you can control the dosage better and it also focuses your mind on your intentions – so it helps connect you by going through the process.
Once you start seeing the powder, strain it into a container. You will need to repeat this a number of times in order to get enough powder (left over plant material should be kept for later).

3. Capsulating
In order to ingest the plant material, you must capsulate it. This will deliver it directly to your stomach and will not cause any discomfort if you otherwise try and swallow it, it will also help you manage the time before it takes effect.

The first thing you will need to purchase some empty capsules (size 00) from your local pharmacy or chemist, or via eBay.
The next thing you should do is find a container and label it with 'Mimosa Hostilis' - this will help keep track of the contents of the capsules.

Fill about 20 capsules and place them into the appropriate container - you will only need between 2-8 capsules to begin with but this will depend on a lot of factors so you can store the extra capsules for later trips.

If you have never capsuled anything before, then do it over the sink, remember the plant material is used as a dye and can stain. It is fiddly so make sure your hands and fingers are dry and you simply scrape the empty capsule through the powder to fill it. You only need to fill the main part of the capsule and then push the end cap on, just make sure you fill each capsule the same so you can manage the dosage.

Cover the container and store it in a cool place, ready for the day you intend to have the DMT journey – it is helpful to capsule the day before or the morning of the journey so you remain focused.

Note: Keep all your waste plan material as it can be used in another method, which involves to capsulating the plant resin.

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