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Method 2: Capsulating plant resin

Processing Resin from Mimosa Hostilis Bark Root (MHRB)
To find out what plant material you need to purchase, you can read the article for capsulating raw plant material- the first method.

The important part of taking DMT, no matter the method, is to get as much DMT into the blood stream as possible in one go. This method covers preparing a brew made from MHRB and then creating a resin that is powdered for capsulating, which you will ingest for the DMT journey. This method produces a much higher concentration of DMT within the capsule, as opposed to simply using raw plant material. Additionally, this method is much gentler on the stomach.

The method outlined below involves creating a resin over a couple of days and then filling capsules (you will need a thermos to store the brew in):

1. Blending
If you are not able to purchase the powdered inner root bark, the first thing you will need to do it blend the plant material. Mimosa Hostilis is very fibrous and splintery so you will want to get rid of the fiber. If you have a thermomix (setting 10 for 10 - 20 seconds - a few times over), they work great in being able to separate the fibrous material.

For Mimosa Hostilis, you should use about a handful of the root bark, or you can weigh out about 30grams. After blending keep all the plant material for brewing.

2. Brewing
DMT is a stable compound so place the plant material into a source pan and pour water into the pan until is just covers the plant material.

Bring the water to the boil and maintain it for about 5min, then pour the boiling water and plan material into a thermos.

Shake the thermos occasionally and each day pour the contents of the thermos into a source pan and boil the brew again. Once boiled pour the brew into the thermos and repeat this other a few days.

3. Creating a resin
After a few days strain the brew into a flat pan, the larger the pan the better in order to maximise the surface area for evaporation. Heat the pan over the stove to bring the liquid to a strong simmer, the purpose is to evaporate the liquid. Keep moving the liquid around in the pan to help it evaporate and to stop hot spots. After some time the liquid will almost be gone and you will be left with a sticky resin setting on the bottom of the pan.

You now want to dry the resin and material left on the bottom of the pan, so reduce the heat and continue to dry out the material, but make sure you don't burn it. Let the pan cool and then scrape all the dried resin from the bottom of the pan and put it into a container.

4. Grinding
You now will need to powder the material, so ideally use a mortar & pestle to grind the dried resin. It will grind quite quickly and will produce a nice fine powder.

Once you start seeing the powder, strain it into a container. Repeat this a number of times in order to get as much powder as you can.

5. Capsulating
In order to ingest the plant material, you must capsulate it. This will deliver it directly to your stomach and will not cause any discomfort if you otherwise try and swallow it, it will also help you manage the time before it takes effect.

The first thing you will need to purchase some empty capsules (size 00) from your local pharmacy or chemist, or via eBay.

The next thing you should do is find a container and label it with 'Mimosa Hostilis Resin' - this will help keep track of the contents of the capsules.

Fill as many capsules as you can and place them into the appropriate container - you will only need between 2-8 capsules to begin with but this will depend on a lot of factors so you can store the extra capsules for later trips.

If you have never capsuled anything before, then do it over the sink, remember the plant material is used as a dye and can stain. It is fiddly so make sure your hands and fingers are dry and you simply scrape the empty capsule through the powder to fill it. You only need to fill the main part of the capsule and then push the end cap on, just make sure you fill each capsule the same so you can manage the dosage.

Cover the container and store it in a cool place, ready for the day you intend to have the DMT journey.

Note: This method produces a much higher concentration of DMT within the capsules.

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